Use Google Voice For Your Handyman Business

It seems most people these days have one cell phone and the land line is on its way out. If you use one phone to take personal calls and calls for your handyman business then Google voice is the perfect solution for you. It was for my handyman business.

Here’s the thing. I don’t want to carry around two phones (too much of a hassle and unnecessary added expense), but I do want calls for my handyman business to be separate from my personal calls. I really want customers to hear a different voicemail than my friends do. Before Google Voice, the only real option was to have two phones or pay for a service that forwarded calls and hopefully they would go to your business voicemail. When I heard about Google Voice I jumped all over it. Best part about it is it FREE!

Here’s a video that highlights some features:

So how do I have this set up for my handyman business?

I have already started changing all my ads over to my new Google Voice number. It will take some time to change everything but I’m in the process. Now, when a customer calls, they call my Google Voice number. I have it forwarded to my cell phone so I can either take the call or if I am busy I can let it go to the voicemail. They even have a feature where you can listen to the voicemail while the person is recording it and you have the option to pick up in the middle of their recording. After the customer leaves a voicemail I get a text with a transcription of the voicemail. Yes Google actually converts the recording to text and you can read it right on your phone. The customer never knows they are being forwarded to a cell phone either.

There are so many options with Google Voice it just makes sense to use it. I was even able to get my business name in the phone number too. Google lets you choose your number and also lets you search for words if they are available. This is great for making phone numbers that are easy to remember.

Check out Google Voice and if it makes sense for your handyman business, get your phone number today. Even if you are unsure about it I would still go get a phone number just so it doesn’t get picked up later by someone else. You may be able to get a phone number that spells a word.

For a free service, this is unbeatable. Check out Google Voice here.

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