Tips to Run a Successful Handyman Business – Tip 4: Be Professional

You cannot expect to run a successful handyman business without having a significant level of professionalism at the core your business. Stand out from the crowd of all the other handymen and be professional in your business. This includes looking professional as well as acting professional. If you just wear a company logo on your shirt and drive a company van with your logo on it you will be ahead of potentially 90% of the handymen out there.

Be professional – Look the part

Looking professional has so many advantages it would take too long to name them all. However, one of the top two advantages are greater respect and higher earnings. Customers are subconsciously willing to pay more for a handyman that shows up in uniform with a company logo stitched on it as well as someone who drives a nice van with a large company logo plastered on the side. It means you mean business and you are serious about your work.

It’s always important to put yourself in the customers shoes and view the situation from their perspective. Imagine two scenarios. Handyman A calls his business by his name and shows up in a pickup truck with no company logo on it. He gets out and you can see that he is wearing jeans and a t-shirt and comes up to your door. At this point you haven’t even met the guy yet but you have already made assumptions and subconsciously you have already made up your mind about him. You have no idea how long he has been in the business, you don’t even know if you can trust him in your home, you are already planning on talking him down on his price, and so many other ideas are running through your mind without really having to think about it.

On the other hand Handyman B has a handyman business called Hometech Services Inc. You can see what his business name is right away as he pulls up to your house because it is right on his company van in nice large vinyl graphics. He gets out of his van and you can see that he is wearing black pants and a collard shirt with his company logo on the corner of his chest. He looks professional. Subconsciously, you already trust him because he has probably been in business for at least 10 years, you know his prices are probably a little higher than some other handyman but judging by the way he looks you know that he is going to get the job done right and its worth the extra amount. Besides, If he has been in business for awhile then he must know what to charge and you are automatically okay with the quote that he is going to give you. You’re not even planning on talking him down on the price because you have a feeling that he won’t budge and he is probably way to busy to deal with haggling anyway. You are excited to finally get your house repaired by a professional.

Even though these two scenerios are hypothetical you can see just how they make perfect sence when you put yourself in the customers shoes. Even if both of these handymen had the same qualifications the first one would be at a huge disadvantage.

Be professional – Act the part

When you enter a customer’s house act very professional. Be extremely polite and well mannered. You cannot just look the part and get away with it. You will need to also carry yourself in a professional manner by acting the part too.

Talk to your customer with confidence in what you do and they will trust you to work in their home. Explain the job to them and what it will require of you. If after you have given them an estimate they seem to be overly price conscious customers, explain to them how long it will take and why it will cost what you estimated it at. Explain to them that it costs this much because you are going to do it right the first time and that you are offering a warranty on it. Don’t deviate from your estimate unless you absolutely have to. Read more on pricing here.

Be professional all around

By looking and acting more professional you will be able to demand higher rates as well as more respect for your trade. Train the customer to not look at the handyman as a trade that charges less that other specific trades such as plumbers or electricians, but to look at the handyman as an expert who can save them money by being capable of completing multiple tasks in different trades and charge a premium because of that.


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