Tips to Run a Successful Handyman Business – Tip 2: Be Reliable

Every successful handyman business is based on reliability. Once someone has chosen you as their handyman their not automatically a customer for life. You will have to continually prove to them that you were a good choice from the beginning and one important way to do that is to be extremely reliable.

Set an appointment and stick to it

If you set an appointment with a customer for a specific time and date do your absolute best to stick to it. It should be rare that you have to call the customer to reschedule. Being reliable means that you stick to your appointments and show up on time. As you build a relationship and understand your customers schedule better you may be able to deviate from this strict policy. However, for new customers do not reschedule appointments. You do not know their schedule well enough at this point to know if they went out of their way to make the set time and date available. Many customers do not have flexible schedules and it may be difficult for them to reschedule, especially if they already had to go out of their way for the first appointment. Your job as a handyman is to make it as easy and hassle free on the customer as possible because that is just one more reason for them to bring you back to do more work.

Arrive on time (better yet, arrive early)

When everyone else in the business is arriving to the job 15 minutes late you will stand out when you arrive 5 minutes early. Make it a point to arrive on time. That means knocking on the customers door 5 minutes early. This is a good habit that will not only work wonders in your business but it will carry on in your own life as well. It will take some practice to acquire the skill of estimating how much time it will take to get to a job site so start overestimating to begin with until you get better at it. Also, a GPS tells you how much time to expect till arrival. Use this in conjunction with your own estimations. Expect that the customer is extremely busy and cannot wait for you to be late.

Put yourself in the customers position. You just hired a handyman to come fix something in their home and he is already 15 minutes late. Now you are beginning to wonder what time he will show up and you are almost at the point of calling him to find out. You are getting frustrated because you wanted that leaky faucet fixed 2 weeks ago and you have somewhere to be in one hour. Now if the handyman showed up 5 minutes early you would be surprised and elated. You may even start thinking if you want to tip him now. When you build the habit of showing up to jobs on time, customers will appreciate you more, and that’s just one more reason to demand a higher rate. The handyman trade is a busy one but if you start off right and develop good habits they will stay with you for the life of your business.

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