Tips to Run a Successful Handyman Business – Tip 1: Provide Quality Service

One of the most important aspects that will determine your success with your handyman business is the quality of the service you provide to you customers. This is such an important point to make that I have decided to make this the first article in this series. In fact, this is the first article of the site.

Tip 1: Provide an excellent quality of service to your customers

If you want to have any chance at running a successful handyman business then you are going to need to focus some effort on the quality of your work. Hopefully, this will eventually come natural and you will go out of your way to do good quality work.

One of the biggest factors that will determine how successful you are as a handyman is the quality of service you provide to your customers.

All things set aside, if you don’t provide quality service to your customers they aren’t going to call you back for more jobs. As a handyman, repeat business from a growing customer base is key and it is all you need to stay booked all year long. One of the biggest factors that will determine how successful you are as a handyman is the quality of service you provide to your customers. When you do good work, people want you to come back. They will forget about even thinking of hiring anyone else and you will be their go to guy. This is such a simple concept to think about but it does take some dedication to keep in place.

Don’t cut corners

Make it a point to complete every job without cutting any corners, using inappropriate materials, or using the wrong tool for the job. By taking this mentality with you on every job, you will find that your jobs run smoother, and you feel better about your work at completion. Not to mention you will also feel more confident in giving a warranty on your work.

Once you engrave this “promise” into your business be sure to never stray from it. Don’t let a bad day ruin your quality of work. If you don’t do the job right the first time, not only will you have to go back to fix it, but your customer just might think twice about calling you back for the next project. It is inevitable that you will have to go back to a job on occasion to fix something so don’t add to the headache of having to go back for more jobs than you have to.

Quality service is more than just quality of work

Don’t limit quality service to just the work you do. Spread this level of quality all throughout your business. A handyman business is a service trade and everything you do for your customers is a part of that service. That means sticking to your appointments, showing up on time, invoicing, and returning phone calls are all a part of your service. Make it a point to have excellent customer service all throughout your business. It really doesn’t take much more effort to provide your customers with excellent service but you will need to make it a habit. If you wait days to return phone calls, show up to jobs 15 minutes late or are lacking in any area break the habit immediately and remind yourself that you aren’t the average handyman. Once you build good habits with quality customer service it will come naturally to you and people will take notice and your fully booked calendar will reflect it.


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    Great tips, I enjoy your site. You are right on about treating each of your customers well and providing a quality service to each customer.

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