The importance of reviews on your website

Have you ever shopped on the largest online retailer in the world If you have, you couldn’t help but notice all of the reviews on every product. In fact, it may have heavily influenced your buying decision if you’ve made a purchase on I know it does for me.

Customer reviews are golden

There’s a reason uses reviews so religiously on their website. It’s because they work! Reviews are so important when someone is making a purchasing decision and that includes when they’re hiring a handyman. I’ve bought a lot of stuff on over the years and I can tell you that when I’m looking at a product before I even read the description of the product I go straight for the reviews.

Customer reviews are the next best thing to a personal recommendation from a friend. We all know how powerful word of mouth can be but do you even realize that customer reviews are the next best thing?

You need customer reviews on your website

Getting genuine reviews from all of your happy clients should be a huge part of your online presence. Without them, your potential customers have no idea what kind of handy man you are. With reviews, they can trust what other people in your area are saying about your business and are much more likely to use you and not your competition.

I’ve understood the power of reviews for quite some time now. I started collecting reviews from my customers a couple years ago and quickly noticed how important they actually were. Many of my new customers said they chose my business because of all the great reviews I had on my website and they continued to tell me this to this day.

Reviews are easy with a Pro Handyman Website

When I first created Pro Handyman Websites, I knew I needed to make reviews as easy as possible not only for customers but also for the handyman who have the website. That’s exactly what I did. Your customers can simply add their raving review of your business to your website in less than a minute. After adding their review, you’ll get a notification by email letting you know there’s a new review to be approved. Once approved by you, the review will be live invisible on your site.

This really makes it extremely easy to build genuine reviews on your website. It’s tough to get every customer to submit a review on your website but you’ll know right away when someone will be willing to do it. It’s usually someone that has been amazed with the quality of service you’ve just given them. Hopefully that’s everyone :).

Start now and never stop

If you haven’t started getting reviews of your customers, now is the time to start. If you already have a Pro Handyman Website, you are ready to get reviews right away. Simply ask your customers to leave you a review if they were happy with your service. Usually they’ll be happy to.

Either way, you really should start getting reviews right now and never stop. You can ask your customers to review you on your website, Google places, Yelp, and any other sites that have reviews of businesses. Generally, you’ll get less reviews on other sites since an account is required to place a review. The easier it is for your customers, the more reviews you’ll get. You can make it easy on them and yourself by having a Pro Handyman Website.

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