The Easiest Way To Get More Customers for Your Handyman Business – Answer Your Phone

Answer Your Phone When Customers Call

Answering your phone may seem like the most obvious tip to give that it really doesn’t even need to be a tip. However, when you start to get busy it’s very easy to let that phone call go missed and decide to just call the customer back. There are some problems with this though. You could be throwing money out the window.

Lets face it, there will be times when you are very busy working your handyman business. You may be on a job and don’t even want to think about taking calls and scheduling more work. You may just get in the habit of letting calls go to voicemail so you can deal with them later. I know I have fallen in this trap many times and it has cost me a lot of business. Here’s what can happen by not picking up the phone when it rings.

  1. The customer is one of your regular customers and they will just leave a voicemail. This is a best case scenerio but don’t count on it.
  2. The customer may not leave a voicemail at all and you just lost the business. Many people will see your ad online or in the yellow pages, etc. and when you don’t pick up they will just call the next person in line until someone picks up.
  3. The customer may leave a voicemail but they may have already found someone else by the time you call them back. This happens a lot when I dont answer my phone.
  4. Either way, when you don’t answer your phone you are making it way too easy for the customer to choose someone other than you. They already went to the trouble of dialing your number, don’t make it any harder on them than that.

Answer Your Phone Every Time

Get in the habit of answering your phone every time it rings. Keep a pad of paper and a clipboard on you so you can write down the customers details and schedule the work for a later time. It shouldn’t take you away from the job you are working on for more than 5 minutes and you will find that you are picking up more jobs than before. It’s not worth paying for advertising and losing a customer that actually called you from that advertisement.


  1. Travis says

    I just thought I would add something in here. I continually find myself letting my phone go to voicemail when I get busy. This is something that I constantly have to work on.

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