Qualifications to Become a Handyman

There is no doubt the handyman trade is not for everyone. In order to be a successful handyman you will need to possess a number of qualities. You may not need every single quality I have listed but your chances of success will be greater. If you find that you only have a few of the attributes I have listed then you have some work ahead of you. Keep in mind, nothing is set in stone though. You can always improve yourself, your skills, and your knowledge.

Attributes of a good handyman

  • You need to be handy – This really goes without saying but it definitely needs to be listed as it’s a necessary attribute. If you are not a handy person in general you will have a tough time in this business. I’m sure this won’t apply to you though because most people looking to run a handyman business find that they are generally pretty handy people.
  • You need to be a problem solver – Every day of a handyman’s week is spent solving problems. You will be solving problems for your customers – the homeowner. Many of the problems you will face are some of which you do not know the answers to right away. This takes a willingness to break down the problem and use past experiences to come up with a solution. You absolutely must be a problem solver to run a successful handyman business.
  • You need to know how to deal with customers – This attribute can be learned but you will be at a huge advantage if you are already good with people. As a handyman, there is a good chance that you will be running every part of your business. You need to know how to sell the customer your service, deal with customer complaints when they arise, and treat your customers as if they are writing your paychecks – because they are.
  • You need to be a salesman – This can also be learned over time but you will have an advantage if you are already good at selling. After all, every job you get is a result of selling the customer on choosing your services.
  • You need to be a businessman – If you are running every part of your business then there are going to be times where you have to step back and be a businessman. It’s not all about being handy and doing the work. You’ve got a business to run.
  • You need to be (and stay) motivated – In order to be successful at any business you need a strong urge to succeed. It’s this urge that will get you through the tough times and on to the enjoyable, profitable side of the business.
  • You need to be a well rounded person – Any person that runs a successful one man handyman business is also a well rounded person. There are so many “hats” that you’ll need to wear throughout your business that will require different skill sets. A well rounded person does well.
  • You need to be a good person – You don’t have to be perfect but a good moral compass will get you far in this business. If you genuinely have the customers best interests at the core of your business there is no way you can’t succeed as a handyman.

A good handyman is made up of many things. If there are attributes on this list that may not be your strong points that’s okay. You may need to work on a few areas. If you are always striving to better yourself you’re on the right track.

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