[Q&A] Job Pricing Seems Too Low


My husband is the handyman, I just think the price that he sets for some things he does is way below what a person would pay. He doesn’t have a load of clients as he works a regular 8 hour day 5 days a week as our landlord’s handyman/go to guy. Our landlord owns roughly 25 mobile homes so my husband stays busy with basic repairs such as plumbing work, ceiling fan installs and removals, electrical outlet rewires etc. He also does the complete remodel of the move outs to get the place into move in ready which consists of taking out bathtubs and replacing them, tearing up old flooring and re-flooring, tearing out cabinets and rebuilding new cabinets, tearing out old carpet, painting all rooms, painting exterior, building porches, steps, and putting up wood fencing. Here is an example of the latest job list with what his price was.

  • 8′ fence across rear of yard and down the side $250
  • Was called to fix a basic water leak and had to go 2 times $25
  • Install window units (2) $50
  • Ran 2 wires for ac unit $75
  • Silver Coat mobile home roof $50
  • Take out shower insert install new one including adding 6″ $75
  • Pull all carpet $50

Thank you



I agree, those prices are way too low. Pricing does vary from area to area so I can’t tell you exactly what he should be charging for those services but those seem way too low. Have him try to calculate his hourly rate on those jobs and see what it comes out to. For example, how long did it take him to coat that roof? Or pull the carpet? Ask him how long it took him to do those things (from setup to cleanup) and then calculate his actual hourly rate. I think he’s going to find that it’s pretty low. If he does good work, the landlord is getting a great deal!


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