How to make $100 an Hour as a Handyman


Can you believe that a handyman can make $100 an hour? In fact, in this tip you are not even capped at $100 an hour. You can earn more than that with a little creativity. How much are you charging for your handyman service? Are you ready to take it to the next level and […]

You Choose Your Customers, Fire Them When Needed


Customers Giving You a Headache? Fire Them! It’s inevitable that you will run into problem customers at some point in your handyman business. There are some people out there that are just hard to deal with and offer more headache than anything to you business. Maybe they are always haggling you on price, or they […]

Need A Logo For Your Handyman Business?


So you are in the process of starting your handyman business and you have found all the free handyman business tips here at Handyman Edge. That’s a great start. I have written many articles that will help you in your handyman business. There comes a point when you are going to want to start branding […]

Cheap Effective Advertising For Your Handyman Business: Post Signs in Your Neighborhood


Here is a quick tip for some cheap effective advertising for your handyman business. Post signs in your neighborhood that read “Handyman 123-456-7890″. The word “Handyman” would be on the first line and the phone number should be on the second line. Start by going to your local sign printing shop and asking them for […]