Do You Need A License To Be A Handyman?

Handyman License

Do you need a license to be a handyman? I get asked this question all the time so I figured it’s something I should address here. The problem is, there’s not a clear cut and dry answer to this question but I can shed some light on the situation. Question: Do you need a license […]

Get More Customers From The Internet


Are you interested in getting more customers from the internet? You should be because it’s a great way to get new business. I get almost all of my business from the internet now. Of course, word of mouth always works great but as far as my marketing efforts are concerned, I spend all of my […]

Handyman Business Startup Course Now Available

Handyman Business Startup

Learn how to start and run a successful handyman business with the new Handyman Business Startup course! Handyman Business Startup is a new course designed to help anyone who is looking to start a new handyman business. I’ll take you from just the beginning stages of your handyman start-up to the complete profitable operation […]