Forget handyman website templates. Get the real deal!

If you’re searching for handyman website templates, just stop now. Sure you can download a handyman website template and that may help you get a website but that itself is not going to bring you business. Just having a handyman website alone doesn’t do the trick. You need a system in place that’s designed to […]

The importance of reviews on your website


Have you ever shopped on the largest online retailer in the world If you have, you couldn’t help but notice all of the reviews on every product. In fact, it may have heavily influenced your buying decision if you’ve made a purchase on I know it does for me. Customer reviews are golden […]

How to get more people to find your website

In this post I’m going to show you how to get more people to find your website. Your website just isn’t doing it’s job correctly if people can’t find it when they are looking for handyman services in your city. Let’s suppose you run a handyman business in Corona, CA like I do. Your goal […]

How To Start a Handyman Business on a Shoestring Budget

How to start a handyman business on a shoestring budget

Starting a handyman business on a shoestring budget is totally possible and it’s exactly how I did it. I really didn’t have any money to invest in the start up of my business. My main goal was to start getting some customers to bring in money as quick as possible then slowly grow my business. […]

Is It Possible To Start A Handyman Business From Nothing?

Is it really possible to start a handyman business from nothing? I get asked this question quite a bit so I figured I’d take some time to answer it and set the record straight. In short, the answer is absolutely YES. I started my handyman business with no money at all so I know it’s […]

Handyman Business Cards

Handyman Business Cards

Even before you start your handyman business it is a good idea to get business cards made. That way when you talk to people and start telling them that you are starting a handyman business you can go ahead and give them a business card. What should be on your handyman business card? Your very […]