One Of The First Things You Should Do When Starting a Handyman Business

I get emails from handymen all the time asking me how they can get more customers when they are just starting their handyman business. Actually, I get these questions from experienced handymen too. The first thing I ask them is “Do you have a Google Places listing?” The answer is surprisingly common; no.

It just shocks me. Are people really just unaware how much a Google Places listing can help their business? They must be. So many people look to the internet to find products and services now days and that’s no different than someone looking for a handyman. I can’t tell you how many times I ask new customers how they found me and their answer is “I searched for a handyman in Google and you showed up.”

You need to be on Google Places

It’s free, its easy to set up, and it works great. Make sure you fill in as much information as possible. Google seems to like complete business listings. Also, you may not show up very high in your area if there are other listings that have been there for awhile. To help your listing out, get plenty of reviews. Yes, that means you’re going to have to bug people to review you. Go ahead, bug them. Tell them how important they are to your business. You may even need to walk them through it.

Also, if you don’t want to use your home address as the address for your Google Places listing (which you shouldn’t do), I highly recommend getting a mailbox in your area from a business like Mailbox, Etc., Postal Annex, or any other business that rents mailboxes. Do not get a P.O. box. Make sure it’s a physical address mailbox. You can choose one right in the heart of where you want to get most of your customers assuming there’s a business there.

I have already written an article that explains how to set up a Google Places listing here. Check it out and do this immediately. You’ll find more tips like this to help you start a handyman business in my Handyman Business Startup course.


  1. gjkeiser says

    everything is right on the money looking to start soon .have been a handyman for 25 years just not full time. will get the marketing pro soon.

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