Need an Easy Way to Accept Credit Cards with Your Handyman Business?

Are you currently accepting credit cards with your handyman business? If not then why not? Why not give your customers an easy way to pay as well as an excuse to spend a little more for your services. Try the credit card processor that plugs right into your smart phone. Square is a credit card processor that is very easy to use right on your phone.

I signed up originally just because I thought it was a cool idea (and also its free). I also didn’t have a way to charge credit cards while I’m out working. I could charge them when I got back to the office but that’s a little risky to do with new customers. Anyway, it turns out it actually works great.

I’ve already used it to run a few credit cards and the process is pretty smooth and the money is transferred to my bank account in a reasonable time (a couple days).

Here are the fees if you are thinking about trying it out:

Card reader: FREE (Cant beat that!)

Card swiped fee: 2.75% + 15 cents

Card keyed in fee: 3.5% + 15 cents

There are no monthly fees and you only pay when you use it. I think its great for a handyman business because we don’t always get customers asking to pay with a credit card but when you do you can be ready with your Square device and mobile phone. You can even send receipts although I don’t really like that feature as I use Quickbooks for that.

Really there’s nothing to lose. Make sure that when you sign up you enter your bank account information because they will have to send you two small deposits to confirm your account. I made the mistake of accepting a payment first then setting up my bank account and had to wait longer for the funds to transfer as I had to confirm my bank account first.

I like the fact that they give away the card reader for free. That really makes it possible for anyone to use this service. I’m sure I wouldn’t have tried it out if it wasn’t free. Now I keep the card reader in my van just in case someone needs to pay by credit card. Try it out, tell me how you like it.

Here’s a pic of what it looks like for the iPhone. Check their site to see what devices it supports.

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