Need A Logo For Your Handyman Business?

So you are in the process of starting your handyman business and you have found all the free handyman business tips here at Handyman Edge. That’s a great start. I have written many articles that will help you in your handyman business. There comes a point when you are going to want to start branding your business so you not only look more professional but customers will remember the brand that you have created. It is important that you start branding as soon as you start your handyman business and a company logo is the perfect place to start.

Customers Remember and Recognize a Brand

Although your customers will most likely remember your name if you are building strong relationships with them, it is important that you also brand your business so they remember your business name. Think of all the major brands out there and you can easily remember their name and logo. This is because those large companies understand the importance of branding. Just because your handyman business isn’t going to be a multi million dollar company (or is it?), doesn’t mean you can’t take a lesson from every major company out there. You need to build a brand that customers remember and recognize. Start with a logo.

Get a Logo Created For You

Unless you are a design expert and enjoy spending the time to try to come up with a logo design (let face if, you not), you are going to need to hire someone to come up with the design for you. This sounds a lot more complicated and expensive than it really is. Please don’t attempt to brand yourself with a logo that you came up with unless you are actually skilled in that area. I have seen far too many logo designs that look like a handyman let their 5 year old daughter create for them. You can easily get a professional logo created for you very inexpensively. Here’s how.

TOP SECRET TIP: Don’t try to do every single thing in your handyman business. You are not a designer so get someone to make a logo for you.

Start a Contest

There are many websites out there that have logo contests where you give a description of what you are looking for and many designers create logos for you. You pick one winner and pay them the amount that you posted as the contest prize. Obviously, the contest prize you choose is a pretty good indicator of the quality you will get. This is exactly how I came up with the logo for my handyman business; I let someone else come up with it.

The website I used is I put up a contest prize of $150 and gave a little explanation of what I was looking for. Immediately the entries started pouring in. If you see something that you are starting to like then you can make a comment and the designers will start to move in that direction. You can choose any price you want (there is probably a minimum though), but keep in mind something too low will get few designs and the results won’t look very professional. I think $150 is a good number.

Choose a Winner

At the end of the contest, choose the winner and they will send you the files they have created for you. You can use this logo file for the life of your business on all marketing material from business cards to your company van graphics. $150 or more is a small price to pay for something this valuable.

Check out and browse some projects so you can get an idea of whats going on there.

tcflogo1This is the logo that I picked as the winner when I started my handyman business. It did not start off as this but I made a few recommendations and this is how it came out. I like it because it looks professional and it’s easily memorable.

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