How to Get up to $1,200 Per Year in Advertising for Your Handyman Business FREE

Do you want to get up to $1,200 a year in advertising for your handyman business absolutely free? It’s possible and I will show you how. Many companies want to charge you a significant amount of money for something that you can do totally free yourself. It wont even take that much time either.

Don’t Get Suckered Into Forking Over Money for Something That You Can Easily Do Yourself

If you have any ads out on the internet somewhere such as craigslist, google, or other classifieds sites then chances are you have been called by a company that pitches the infamous first line to you that goes something like this: “Hi Travis, could you use more handyman business?” It cracks me up every time and now if I get someone pitching something along those lines I kindly say “No, actually I’m booked solid for 6 months right now and I’m turning away business at this point, sorry”. It seems these sales people were never trained to handle a response like that.

These companies usually have the words “local” and “listing” in their name somewhere and they want to get you listed in google and other top search engines so you show up when someone searches for “handyman” in your city. Sounds like a great service right? Maybe it is but this is something you can do totally free yourself and it wont take you much time at all. Not only that but they want to charge you on a subscription basis for their service. The problem is that most if not all of the work is done up front so why would you continue to pay a subscription for a service that can be done at one time.

Don’t Let Them Own You

These companies want to set your listing up themselves so they theoretically “own” it and you have to keep paying them to stay on google and other search engine results for a handyman search. You will probably get a few calls every once in a while for companies like this. It seems there are more springing up all the time. It makes perfect sense because after they do the initial work then they just collect your subscription payment with minimal extra labor on their part. Seems like a great business to be in because there are always going to be those local businesses that don’t quite understand how the internet works or don’t have the time to invest in figuring out how to set their own listings up.

Now you know better and you can use that hard earned money to take a trip somewhere. Check out this article to set up your google listing right now. The other major search engine’s such as yahoo and bing are similar to set up. Make sure you fill out all the fields they provide completely as this will help your handyman business listing rank higher. Be thorough in your description and choose the most appropriate and specific categories. In your description and Business name, use keywords that you want to be associated with. Instead of using your actual business name which may seem counter intuitive, use “handyman in Los Angeles” or something similar or a combination of your business name and keywords such as “handyman” and the city you do business in. It can really catapult your listing.

Be a Problem Solver and Spend Your Money Where it Really Counts

Your a handyman, that means you are a problem solver and you can figure things out on your own. The internet isn’t that much different then anything else. Once you get passed the learning curve you can do a lot of low cost or free marketing online. I have set up my own listing and have got top placement or very close without paying a dime. Search “corona handyman” in google and you should see my business (TCF Home Solutions) at the top. I never paid anyone to get it there and it’s not difficult to do on your own.


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