Handyman Rates – How Much Should You Charge?

This question seems to be one of the biggest obstacles for new handymen. They have no idea how much to charge for their services. I can understand the frustration because I went through the same thing when I was first starting out so trust me when I say you’re not alone.

The problem

Here’s the thing. You can search the internet all day and all night for handyman rates for your area but you will never truly find the right answer. The problem is, a handyman in one area may get very different rates than a handyman in another area. Handyman rates across the United States and even in other countries are going to vary wildly.

Handyman rates vary

A handyman that services a more affluent neighborhood will be able to charge much higher rates than a handyman that services a lower class neighborhood. There will never be one price for any service or one hourly rate so let me be very clear; handyman rates vary.

When I realized how big of a problem this was and how many handymen were struggling with coming up with pricing for their area I decided to do something about it. I’ve been running a handyman business for quite a few years now so I know how much to charge for my services. I made plenty of mistakes along the way by overcharging and undercharging for various handyman projects.

I knew that handyman rates vary from one location to the next but I wanted to help all the handymen that were having problems with this. After all, I run handymanedge.com to help handymen with their businesses. I like doing it. I took the price list I had for my business (the one that took me years to get right), and modified it in a way that anyone can use it for the area they service. All you have to do is set a few variables in the beginning and you have pricing for your area.

Don’t feel bad if you are having trouble pricing your handyman services. It’s normal and we’ve all gone through it. I remember the days when I didn’t know how much to charge. I was basically going into each estimate blind.

Here’s the solution

I have an answer for you that will solve your handyman pricing problems. It’s the Handyman Price List.

Many handymen across the United States and in Canada and even other countries are using the handyman price list and loving it. It’s easy to use and it will solve your pricing problems.

Get your copy here: http://handymanpricelist.com

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