Handyman Price list – Complete Cost List For Handyman Jobs

Would you like a complete handyman price list for every project in a home?

Would it make your life (and your handyman business) so much easier if you just had a detailed cost sheet that showed how long each handyman project took and how much to charge for it? You can make more money per hour and have much happier customers by charging a flat rate price but it’s tough to know just how long most tasks take and exactly how much to charge for them.

Imagine being able to give customers a flat rate for every little project that they call you to come out and take care of. This alone can skyrocket your profit on each job.

Many handymen have been asking for this and it has taken me a long time to compile such a detailed price list. There are so many things to repair in a home and creating a price and time estimate for every one has been literally years in the making. This isn’t something I wanted to just throw together. I wanted the time estimates to be spot on and the prices to reflect real prices that I’m getting everyday. You will even have the ability to change the prices for your area. We all know that some areas just can t earn as much as others and other areas easily earn twice as much as some. For this reason I have made it possible to change the pricing on every item to reflect the area you service – and it can be done by the click of a button.

Many people have wanted this handyman price list and many more have been asking for it. Now you can have it too!

Get it here: Handyman Price List