Handyman Price List is Now Available

A lot of people have been waiting for the Handyman Price List to become available and I’m happy to say it now is! You can get it right now at here at Handyman Price List.

I’m really excited about the handyman price list because it’s so powerful and easy to use. It’s great for every handyman whether you are just starting out or have been in business for years.

I remember when I started my business I was all over the place with my pricing. I had no idea what I was doing and it took me a while to finally figure something out.

I started charging per hour which seemed to work out fine (at the time). Later I realized that is not the best way to charge in this business and I knew I needed to switch to flat rate pricing. This was a big problem because I got so comfortable charging per hour that I was a little intimidated by switching to flat rate. I wasn’t keeping track of how long projects were taking or how much I should be charging for each one.

If there was a handyman price list out there at that time it would have saved me years of hard work and a lot of headache. But there wasn’t so I had to figure everything out on my own. I started keeping track of how much I was charging for jobs and how long each one was taking to complete. This enabled me to transition into flat rate pricing.

After I switched to flat rate pricing a funny little thing started happening. I began to pay attention to how long I was taking on jobs and it encouraged me to complete them faster. This was great for myself as well as my customers. I was getting in and out of their houses in a shorter amount of time. The funny thing that was happening was that I was making more money. My hourly rate increased dramatically. As I gained more experience with the work I was doing I kept doing better work while still shaving off actual work time and also keeping the same price and in some cases raising the price.

When I realized what had happened it was like a break though. My customers liked the fact that they had a flat rate going into the project. They knew exactly what it was going to cost them to get the work done.

When I knew it was good for my business I also knew that it would be good for every other handyman business out there. That’s when I decided to start working on the handyman price list. After years of much thought, headache, hard work, and planning I am proud to introduce The Handyman Price List.

Get it now at http://handymanpricelist.com


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