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Handyman Marketing Pro is now released!

Do you run a handyman business and need more customers? Do you feel like all your problems would be solved if you could just get the phone to ring more? I know what it’s like to feel like that because I used to have the same problem. My work truck spent too much time in front of my house and not enough time at customers houses. In other words, I wasn’t working enough. I really needed my phone to ring more with eager customers looking for a handyman.

The truth is, it took me a long time to figure out how to get new customers to call me on a daily basis and keep my calendar booked. I tried many marketing methods and most tanked. They ended up being a waste of time and money and I always ended up back where I started. Then, I started to really focus on my marketing efforts. I didn’t dwell on all the things that didn’t work anymore. I was determined to figure out the best methods of marketing my handyman business that would bring in customers day after day and keep my phone ringing.

This didn’t happen over night though. I kept building on what I was doing and learning from the mistakes I had made for so many years. But now I can honestly say I now have more work than I need and I actually have to turn down work.

If you need more customers then you need to do more marketing for your handyman business. There’s no way to run a business and not do any kind of marketing. Believe me, I get a lot of referral business and I love word of mouth but there is still more marketing that has to be done.

I show you exactly what I’m doing to get all of my customers and I even show you how to do it in your own business. I’ll show you this in my Handyman Marketing Pro course. It’s a complete marketing course where I go over my top five marketing methods and how they’re keeping me busy all year long. I’ve created video tutorials that walk you through setting everything up for your business. You can literally pause and play them while you set this stuff up. Isn’t the economy supposed to be down right now? I sure don’t feel it in my business.

Get my Handyman Marketing Pro course today! It’s an unbelievable value for such a low cost and you’ll earn the cost of it back in no time with any one of the five methods alone.


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