Handyman Business Cards

Even before you start your handyman business it is a good idea to get business cards made. That way when you talk to people and start telling them that you are starting a handyman business you can go ahead and give them a business card.

What should be on your handyman business card?

Your very first business cards can be very basic and only need to include the important information. Chances are you will be changing things as you get started and will eventually change the business cards as well. When you get a website up and running and you get a color scheme going for your business you will probably change your business cards to match.

For now, you will want to get some cheap cards made just so you can start giving them out to get the word out. Here is an example of what a good starter business card should look like:

Handyman Business Cards

Obviously there is nothing complex or special about this business card. That’s the point. It gets the job done and the information across in a clear way. This is only a starter business card. Later you can create a nice business card with more info and graphics to match your website.

There are a number of places you can get these first business cards made and any will work but you can actually get 250 for free from Vista Print. I like free things and this is great for your first business cards. Go here to get the free cards: http://www.vistaprint.com/freebusinesscards.aspx

Your business card after you are established

If you already run a handyman business then you will want to create a business card that has your logo, color scheme, and matches your website as well as more detailed info. It is probably best that you hire someone to create this for you if you don’t have any kind of experience with graphic editing software. Below are some resources (Some of which I have used for various tasks) that can help you with this:




You can hire someone to create you a logo, business card, website and more from these sites. I personally got my logo created by someone at 99designs.com for a great price (I believe it was about $125). I am very happy with it. I created my own business card in Adobe Photoshop. After you have the artwork, you can send it to your printer to print the cards for you.

For all my business cards, post cards, and door hangers I use Gotprint.com. They have excellent rates!