Free Advertising – Get Calls Instantly Posting Handyman Ads on Craigslist

There aren’t too many opportunities out there to get free advertising for your handyman business that are as effective and instant as posting ads on craigslist. Millions of people search craigslist all over the country everyday; don’t you think you need to be in front of them? This is one opportunity you cannot afford to pass up.

Posting ads on craigslist is easy, effective, and free

If you have already downloaded and read the Handyman Quick Startup Guide then you know that one of the instant and free advertising methods I list in it is craigslist. Whether you are just starting a handyman business or have been in business for quite some time now, you cannot afford to pass up the opportunity to post free ads on craigslist. Maybe you just need a quick little jumpstart during a slow period. Craigslist is the answer.

At the time of this writing there were over 50 ads from a search for “handyman” in the services section of Las Vegas Craigslist for just one day. That tells you that the secret got out and that it actually works. Just because there is some competition doesn’t mean that you need to give up and not advertise there. It just means that you are going to have to do something to stand out from the crowd. Lucky for you, most of the handymen posting ads seem to be construction workers out of work, father/son, or honey do list handyman ads. This is good news because that means that most of them are amateurs who do not know how to market themselves and chances are their “businesses” are flaw ridden in almost every other area as well. You need to capitalize on that fortunate/unfortunate fact.

Stand out in a crowd of amateurs

There may be a lot of competition but at least they aren’t all professionals with professional looking ads. 90% are all text ads that do not grab the prospective customers attention. This is where you can capitalize and really shine. Below are a few ads copy and pasted exactly from craigslist.


This ad above is just a great ad that I like to see from the competition. It just makes advertising on craigslist so much easier when there are so many ads like this. I could tear this ad apart but I think you can see exactly where this ad is lacking.

Here’s another real ad:


CONTACT : (702)-328-**** OR e-mail : *******

This one above is slightly better than the previous but it is still missing key ingredients. There is no picture, and no website to visit. There’s really just nothing attractive about this ad at all. Nothing stands out from the rest of them. This ad just gets lost in a sea of poor quality ads.

Come out with something that blows these ads away and you will really stand out from the crowd. Below is an ad that I have used on craigslist that seems to work well. You can see the major differences instantly.

Handyman / Home Improvements – Corona’s Best

Same day service available. Call for a free estimate and visit for more information.

What I like about what I have done with this ad is that it is clean, professional, well organized, displays a nice picture with the company van, has a clear phone number, and a link to the website. If I put myself in the customers shoes I would like to see this ad much more than the others. In addition to posting a much higher quality ad than the competiton you might also try posting more ads in one day. This will give you better odds of being seen. Check craigslsit policies on that though. I can just tell you what works but you’ll have to find out if it is against their terms. Isn’t it time to spruce up your ad design?


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