Choosing Your Service Area for your Handyman Business

It’s important when starting your handyman business that you choose a service area that will be beneficial to you and serve your business for years to come. When choosing your service area, choose wisely.

Narrow your focus

It may seem a little counter intuitive but I would suggest that you narrow your focus and choose a small area to service. It would be best to pick an area close to where you live. When I started out I wanted to cover a pretty large area – and I did. I would have jobs spread out miles and miles apart and drive times that could be an hour at times.

At the time, this just seemed like the best thing to do. I figured if I covered a huge area I would have more jobs than I could handle and life would be good. It seemed to work out fine for quite some time until I realized I was just going too broad. I was trying to cover too large of an area and there really was just no point in it. I was getting tired of driving so far and i really didn’t like having regular customers so far away. Frankly, it was just too much hassle.

It took me a long time to realize that I didn’t need to be doing that. I didn’t need to try to cover such a large area and I really needed to start narrowing my focus.

I decided to narrow down to just one city – the city I live in. A lot of things happened when I finally narrowed my focus to just the city I lived in and they were all good things.

  • My drive time decreased to 15 minutes max
  • I could respond to customers’ needs quicker
  • I knew my area well and that helped me service my customers better
  • Referrals were often right down the street
  • Profit increased because it costs less to service an area close to you
  • My business started running smoother overall

Narrow even more

After narrowing my service area to just my city I started wondering what would happen if I narrowed even more. What would happen if I narrow my focus to just my neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods? Well, I have started doing this and the benefits are the same as when I narrowed my focus the first time. Drive time becomes even less as well as much less gas usage, response to customers gets even quicker therefore increasing customer satisfaction, and my business starts to run even smoother than before.

It’s a little tricky when you start to narrow down your service area to something as small as your neighborhood or the surrounding neighborhoods but the basic principles remain. You still need to advertise but your advertising changes a bit. You need to start taking advantage of different advertising mediums. Handyman signs in your neighborhood do a great job with this.

I highly encourage you to start playing around with these ideas and see how you like it. There are few disadvantages (if any) to narrowing your service area as long as you can still maintain a steady work flow. Don’t let your business control you. Feel free to change things often to keep making your life easier and your handyman business much more enjoyable to run.

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