Cheap Effective Advertising For Your Handyman Business: Post Signs in Your Neighborhood

Here is a quick tip for some cheap effective advertising for your handyman business. Post signs in your neighborhood that read “Handyman 123-456-7890″. The word “Handyman” would be on the first line and the phone number should be on the second line.

Start by going to your local sign printing shop and asking them for their specials on these types of signs. Your best bet is to use printed text on corrugated plastic signage. These wont get damaged by rain or sprinklers and they are very sturdy. Keep it simple and go for one of their specials. They are always making these kinds of signs and constantly running some kind of special for 50 to 100 or so. 12×16 is a good size. You don’t want anything too big because they will probably get taken down faster and are generally looked down upon more than a smaller 12×16 sign. The goal here isn’t to put up a billboard, it’s to get the point across as people drive by it.

Next, after picking up your signs (it will probably take a few days to get them printed), go to your local hardware store (Home Depot, Lowes, Etc.) and buy some wooden steaks. They come in bundles and are very cheap. While you’re there, you should also buy a box of plastic cap roofing nails. These are the orange nails you see in the picture that secure the sign to the steak. They work great!

Lastly, assemble about 5 signs or so and throw them in your work van or truck and post them next time you go out to work. I usually keep a few signs in my van at all times so when I am in any area I can easily post them. Just take a small sledge hammer and pound them in the ground.

I like to put them in the entrances to housing tracks near my home. This works out great because I can see when they get taken down (they will eventually get taken down) and put some more up in their place. Not only that but it’s especially nice to get customers calling right down the street from where you live. Drive time is only about 5 minutes or less if you get jobs near your house. Be sure not to post them in anyone’s yard. They aren’t going to like that. Post them in the public area next to the sidewalk in entrances to housing tracks or right off the freeway if you are really brave.

These signs aren’t going to bring in major calls but chances are your first job from them will pay for the whole bunch. Go out and get them made today, it’s worth it!


  1. Colt says

    This really is such a amazing resource that you’re offering and also you give it away for free of charge. I enjoy seeing websites that understand the worth of delivering a prime resource for zero cost. I really loved reading your post. Thanks!

  2. CC says

    Travis, I have to strongly disagree with your strategy of using “yard signs” posted without permission in right of ways, subdivision entrances, etc. TO me, nothing says “fly by night “more than a business using this type of advertising. In addition to being VERY unsightly, (I’ve seen corners with 1/2 dozens signs posted) most municipalities have ordinances against using them. I’d bet Corona does too! The allowable exception to using this type of sign is in the yard of a client while you are there doing work, with their permission of course. Even then their homeowners association may not allow it. Usually city/town ordinances will have similar restrictions as to the time allowed and usually just limited to while the work is being done, or 24hrs after completed. Other than this column, your website has great info.

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