Build Your Customer List for Your Handyman Business

When starting a handyman business one of the first and most important things you are going to need to focus on is building your customer or client list. The handyman business thrives on repeat customers so focus your energy here early on.

Build Your Customer List Early On

From the moment you complete the first job you ever do for your first customer you need to be thinking that this isn’t going to be the last time you do work for them. You need to establish a relationship with them early on so they know that they can call you whenever something comes up. Believe me, they don’t want to search for a new handyman every time a problem arises in their home. If you treat them right the first time by being professional, being reliable, and providing quality service, they will hold on to your number and think of you as an asset to their home.

Keep All Your Customer’s Information

A handyman business’s greatest asset is their customers so collect all of your customers information. If you use software to bill you customers or keep track of invoices and receipts (which you should do) then it will make this process that much easier. Don’t create cash sale receipts as you cannot track customer receipts. Not only will you have all your customer’s information in the computer but you will also be able to see who your most profitable customers are and run all kinds of reports on your business. Even if you are just testing out the handyman business and you are not sure this will be a long term business, start collecting customer info so you don’t regret it later. I use Quickbooks for this purpose. Early on I did not collect all customer information and I regret not doing so. I have no way of contacting or advertising to those customers.

Contact Your Customers Frequently

Building your customer list and contacting them frequently goes hand in hand. Your customers may not need you to work on their houses every week or month (although you will have some that do) so you need to stay in front of them so they do not forget about you. Most people put off projects in their homes but if you constantly remind them or send them suggestions of new projects it will be much easier for them to call you. Don’t think that every customer is going to put your business card on their fridge and call you every time something comes up. Chances are they will lose your card or forget your name. Count on this and make it a point to keep in contact with them.

There are a few ways to keep in contact with your customers. You can call them every so often and check in to see how things are going. There is a high probability that you will be able to set up appointments for the next week just by calling them to check in. Alternatively, and my favorite method of keeping in contact is to set them up on an email list (auto-responder) that emails them how ever often you choose and keeps in contact with them automatically. This takes you out of the equation so you don’t have to worry about setting up a schedule to call them. I use Aweber to email my customers automatically every month to check in and it works wonders. All it takes is the initial setup and you can forget it. If you have a special promotion that you are running you can also email all your customers at one time through this service.

For more information about the value of keeping in contact with your customers check out this article.

TOP SECRET TIP: Build you customer list and keep in contact with them frequently and you will never run out of business.

Repeat Customers Will Drive Your Business

Repeat customers are the driving force of the handyman business. When you build a list of your customers and contact them frequently you will find that you advertising expenses diminish greatly or can even be eliminated. When you take advertising costs out of a business, overhead is very minimal and profits soar. Start smart and focus on building your client list right from the beginning and you will reap the benefits for the life of your business.

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