[Q&A] Getting Started, Job Pricing, Etc.

This question comes from Chuck in NY. Question: Hi Travis, Have been doing handyman type jobs for people for many years but mainly as a help for them and little profit for me. Now, having retired from teaching, I’d like to turn it into a small business. My main questions would be: — How to legally […]

[Q&A] Being a Handyman in California, License, Insurance, Etc.

This question comes from Daniel in California. Question: My top three questions right now would be: 1) I don’t have any contractors licensing; i’m interested in getting one, but i’m not entirely sure what to get. I’m looking into with my state’s website (CSLB, California). 2) I feel silly putting ads on Craigslist; like it’s […]

[Q&A] How Much Should I Charge For My Handyman Services?

Question: Travis, I just recently started my handyman business and my biggest concern right now is with pricing. How much should I charge for my services? Thanks, Jim Answer: Jim, There’s really not a one-size-fits-all approach to pricing your handyman services. For starters, I encourage every handyman to price jobs flat rate. It’s not easy […]

A Different Take on Pricing Jobs

I want to offer a different perspective on pricing handyman jobs than what you’ll usually see floating around the internet. You’ll probably find that most people (possibly even yourself) aim to come up with their pricing based on what the competition is charging. They want to know what others are charging so they have something […]

Handyman License and Laws

It is important to know and understand the licensing requirements and laws in your city and state. The last thing you want is to get in trouble for illegally running a handyman business in your city. Every city and state is going to vary on the requirements and laws of running a handyman business. Chances […]

[Q&A] Building Clientele, Handling Inconsistency of Work, and More

Question: Hey Travis, How did you build your clientele? There’s a natural distrust of the trades people, so it’s harder it seems. Also, if you were just starting out in a new state, what would you do? And finally how did/do you handle the inconsistency of work and income? Much appreciated, Nate Answer: Nate, In […]

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Qualifications to Become a Handyman

There is no doubt the handyman trade is not for everyone. In order to be a successful handyman you will need to possess a number of qualities. You may not need every single quality I have listed but your chances of success will be greater. If you find that you only have a few of […]