Are Your Customers Talking You Down on Your Prices?

I’m writing this post because this happens to me occasionally and if it happens in my business I guarantee it’s happening in yours too. In fact, it just happened today. Here’s the senario: You go out to bid a job and the customer comes back asking if you’d do it for less than you quoted. Sometimes they even try to get you to do it for a lot less.

Don’t fall for this trick

Don’t let customers do this to you. I don’t and 9 times out of 10 they end up going with me anyway. You can bet that if they are asking you if you’d do it for a lower price their just fishing and hoping they’ll get a bite. Don’t fall for this trick.

Every time you quote a job give them the price you’d do it for and leave no room for negotiations. It definitely helps if you are a busy handyman though because you have to have the attitude that you’ll do the work for this price and no less. I go into every job this way and I stay perfectly busy. In fact, I usually have too much work.

Do it once and they’ll do it to you every time

The problem with letting them talk you down is that they’ll know they can do it to you every time you do work for them. This isn’t a good thing for your business. You are in business to make money; hopefully a lot of money if you can. Don’t let your customers think that your prices are negotiable. They may have gotten away with this with the last handyman they used but you’re not going to let it happen to you, I hope.

What to do if they try to negotiate

If you have given them a quote and they ask if you’ll do it for less here’s what you should say. It’s what I say every time and so far it has worked out great. The trick is to be nice yet firm when you say it.

Here’s an example of what you can say (tweak to your liking):

“John, I’d love to be able to do the job for that price but unfortunately I just don’t leave room in my estimates for negotiation. Every price I’ll ever give you is going to be my best price, I can guarantee you that.”

This is great because it lets them know that you can’t go lower on your price and it also sets it up so they never ask you to do any job for less again. You can change the wording around however you’d like but be sure to convey the same message.

Be sure to be firm in your tone of voice and don’t get nervous when saying it. It helps when you say it with confidence and assures them that the price you have given them is in fact your best price.

Chances are they’ll use you anyway and they’ll never bother asking you if you can do any job for a lower price than you bid. They’ll probably even respect you more as a businessman too!

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