A Great Source Of New Customers For Your Handyman Business You May Have Overlooked

If you’re not as busy as you want to be in your handyman business there are some sources of customers that you may have overlooked. The source I’ve listed below could just help you to fill up more of your day at customers’ houses rather than waiting around for the phone to ring.

Let’s get right into it.

Home Inspection Companies

Home inspection companies can be a great source of new and constant business. I work with some of these companies myself and even though they don’t bring in the bulk of my new customers they definitely bring in some solid leads. Most of these homeowners are looking to get the work done right away.

The vast majority of the leads I get from the home inspection companies I work with turn into great customers. These are people who just bought a house (or are selling one) and in most cases are required to complete some of the repairs on the inspection list. That means they are looking for someone who can come out and take care of them immediately. A referral from a home inspection company is usually a guaranteed job.

There’s two ways you can go about getting jobs from home inspectors. First, you can build a relationship with them and hope that they send work your way. Otherwise, you can pay them in the form of advertising.

I actually do this with one of the home inspections companies in my area and it works out quite well. I pay $150 for 3 months of advertising in their guide that they give all new homeowners. The guide has many trades that the homeowner might need to contact throughout the time that they live in the home. And guess what? A handyman is a very important person to know when you need home repairs.

I don’t mind paying for this advertising because it actually works. Most of these home owners are ready to get the work done right away and the fact that the home inspector “referred” you means you are already qualified in the customer’s eyes.

Take some time to look up all of the home inspection companies in your area. Call them and build a relationship with them. Tell them you run a handyman business and you are looking to work with them. Don’t be afraid to ask them if they sell any type of advertising. It’s almost guaranteed that home owners are going to ask the inspector if he has anyone he can refer them to and if you prove to them that you do great work and have great customer service there’s no reason they wouldn’t pass your name along.