Choosing Your Ideal Customer

You’ll find when running your handyman business that there are many types of customers. There are some you’ll click with and others that you won’t care so much for. I want to challenge you start choosing the types of customers that you want to work with and leave the problem customers for someone else. Choose […]

How to get paid for your handyman services

After you perform handyman services for a client, you’ll need to get paid. Which payment methods will you take? I’ll outline the pros and cons of taking different payment methods below and let you know the payment methods that I take in my own business. How many different payment methods should you offer? You’ll want […]

Become a member at Handyman Edge!

The Handyman Edge Members Area is now open! Become a member at Handyman Edge and get content not found anywhere else as well as access to the private forum to discuss handyman business topics and get your questions answered. If you run a handyman business, you’ve got to be a member at Handyman Edge! Gain […]

The importance of reviews on your website


Have you ever shopped on the largest online retailer in the world If you have, you couldn’t help but notice all of the reviews on every product. In fact, it may have heavily influenced your buying decision if you’ve made a purchase on I know it does for me. Customer reviews are golden […]